Venues for Conferences in Africa

How Conference Venues Increase Productivity

Without question, from time to time we all get dragged down from doing the same thing day in and day out without a change of scenery, without a change of people.  Often to combat the monotony, employees will choose to take extended vacations which can lead to poor productivity.  One way businesses choose to maintain and even increase productivity is through corporate retreats and events.

While excitement for a corporate event is understandable, before running off to Stellenbosch or the Drakensberg for a retreat, it is necessary to first define what you hope to accomplish and just what your goals are. Once you have determined what your goals are, you may want to consider contacting a consulting firm. As professionals, they can aide you in determining the best way to approach your event and can even host the event for you.

Are you more concerned with boosting employee morale and building a cohesive team that can learn to rely on each other when they return to the office?  If you answered yes, then your event should focus around fun activities such as rock climbing, cooking, or whitewater rafting. Team building should utilise the strengths of the team and teach others how to trust one another in a supervised setting that stretches their imaginations and allows them to achieve goals they didn’t believe they could. This translates into work, letting employees set goals they didn’t think they would be able to accomplish. Team building should work on increasing confidence and a sense of reliance within the group.

Choosing a location is the single most important aspect of a event. Are you looking for a conference venue that caters to work or play? Do you want a conference venue that provides outdoor excursions, or do you want to be catered to indoors? Conference venues can range from hotels, where employees gather indoors, but then have free time to explore the surroundings, or the venue can be an extravagant villa where the setting speaks of success and confidence. “Off site retreats can promote more creative and expansive thinking and reduce the distractions of day to day business issues,” reports

If the event is a way to bring together employees from a global corporation, then choose a conference venue that speaks of success and class. Conference venues can be villas built in a European style with water fountains in the courtyard and cherry wood finishings in the rooms. Setting discussions in conference venues that offer history and beauty affects the moods of the attendees, letting them know you believe in them and they deserve success. This is an effective way to boost morale.  Conferences create an intoxicating, positive and forceful energy.  The attending delegates feel special and privileged.  They plan social activities around the conference that often develop into social friendships.  This in itself creates strength for the company as, after the conference / event  problems and niggles will often be discussed and resolved over the braai or on the golf course.

Despite their effectiveness, these days it seems that the high tech industry is one of the few choosing to take advantage of corporate events. Far more popular before the recession hit, the number or company events have declined as they have been deemed by some as unnecessary spending. However, it should be recognised that often they prove to be financially beneficial as they have a tendency to increase productivity and energy levels in the work place.

Events  that use remote conference venues add legitimacy to their company, trying to impress a client or future client. It shows the company believes in itself and believes in its employees. The same goes for companies looking to grow. Appreciating your employees is one of the best ways to have them give back with hard work and loyalty.

Looking to book the perfect venue for a successful conference?  Venues for Conferences will ensure that the venue and suppliers at your conference contribute 100% to its success.  When we have secured a booking at a suitable venue that you have approved we will assist you with check lists, menu selection, agenda setting, entertainment, team building and in any other area where you feel a little unsure.  Just to give you a little taste of the style of upmarket venues we have on our books check out this gorgeous venue in the KZN Midlands.  Just one call and we will solve all your event / conference headaches.

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