Venues for Conferences in Africa

Tullulah To The Rescue

The whole world knows that  “the success of a conference relies on it’s stomach!”

A sure way of striking fear into the heart of any Game Lodge / Conference Venue / Hotel Manager is to either have a chef who doesn’t know how or won’t prepare and present quality cuisine or some poor Manager who finds himself without a chef at all.

Chefs are  horribly temperamental  creatures.  This boggles the brain a bit when you consider that the average housewife could cook most of them under the table.

Having said that we recently – in fact on two occasions / two different venues  – have had to step into the kitchen arena and stamp our feet.  Fix the food situation  or we take our conference elsewhere.

In both instances the management at the venues have heard our “pleas” for help and have come to the party with amazing solutions and chefs.

The first was a venue in the Drakensberg where the Hotel’s Group Executive Chef Mario took the helm and produced an extraordinary assortment and quality of food over a very difficult, rainy week.  The conference was a wonderful success.

The second have come to the party with an amazing array of skills and bodies – six of them.  I wonder if I dare show my face in the kitchen?  The skills that will be present over the next ten days are going to be awesome and I can’t wait to see the food that willcome out of the kitchen.

It is essential to ensure that every aspect of a conference delegate’s needs are catered for and domestic issues are almost as important as the business at hand.  Imagine a conference with hungry delegates – there would be a mass exodus on day half.

So we thank Tullulah for her care, humour, enthusiasm and sheer joie de vie.  Once again she saved the day.

Three cheers for Tullulah and Venues for Conferences who will ensure,  and promise to make your conference a remarkable success – regardless of the hurdles that threaten to trip us up.

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