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Team Building… And Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

Our business lives are frenetic, stressful and demanding.  We operate at breakneck speeds both mentally and physically.

Landlines, cell phones and emails all demand instant attention and action,  Facebook pages and Blogs need regular updates. Calls for action are constant and then there are the $%#@ meetings – which add to an already enormous burden.

Companies are cutting back on staff so there are fewer hands to complete the tasks at hand. Never mind the fabulous new project / programme some smart colleague dreams up which needs implementation.


There are Team Building Companies that offer excellent opportunities to help maximise the strengths of any group within an organisation.

…….and  I’m not just talking about physical activities. Team building is the methodical identification of weaknesses within a group. Physical and intellectual activities that will identify and correct these weaknesses are then demonstrated.


The team-building  exercises have extraordinary names:

  • “Minute to Win It”
  • “Survivor”
  • “Challenges unlimited”
  • “You dare – I win”
  • “Pimp my ride”  – the mind boggles
  • “Crime Scene” –  with this activity the explanation is

Crime Scene is designed to test a team’s ability to rise above overwhelming situations. The teams learn how to look at overpowering situations and then break them down into simpler parts, thereby creating order and structure. To create a clear picture of the goals and objectives, each part of the puzzle is dealt with to restore order. Any crisis situation that may arise in the workplace can then be handled.

The result is a hugely fun, exhausting and exhilarating experience.

But initially the participating delegates feel a little like the fellow below, and may need assistance and encouragement.

The results of a successful team building exercise can be seen and enjoyed by observing the intense elation, sense of success and achievement that is evidenced in the emotions of the group at the end of the day – the Award Presentation Ceremony is fabulous.

Don’t ever underestimate the value of:

Recognizing the need for team building AND implementing it.

The measurable results are almost tangible and are certainly evidenced in the increased profitability, productivity and success of the company/ team.

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